Postikortti 2-osainen Norsuhalaus

Määrä: kpl
Tuotekoodi: LC041/941153
Tuotemerkki: Love Country
Varastossa: 5

Ihana Love Countryn 2-osainen kortti Norsuhalaus. 

Kortin takana on kaunis englanninkielinen runo

Elephant Hugs
A pink haze of heat hangs lazily across the Savanna plain
Among the elephants there is a stirring and an air of anticipation gains
One of their beloved family members is due to return home today
There is nothing to rival a greeting such as the elephant way
As they circle restlessly there is at last a distance calling sound
Lucy approaches from afar the dry dust billowing across the ground
Lily hears her sister and takes off running with her heart beating fast
As they get closer, they run faster excited to greet each other at last
As the other elephants join in, they scream and trumpet with a deafening noise
In a mass of flapping ears and thundering feet like an army deployed
With sheet delight they embrace in a symphony of trumpets so happy to be together
An elephant never forgets and their bond of love is truly given forever
Lucy and Lily fondly entwining dusty trunks that fit together like a glove
Together again the family show there is no greater love than elephant love

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Kortin koko on 15 x 15 cm ja se on painettu mattakartongille. 

Laadukkaiden postikorttien kuvitus on Suffolkin taiteilija Sarah Reillyn käsialaa. Hän maalaa akvarelleilla ja herättää upeat hahmonsa eloon. Sarah on myös runoilija ja postikorteissa on hänen kauniita runojaan.

Made in UK.




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